Goddess Ritual Candle

Goddess Ritual Candle


"She'll come, she'll go
She'll lay belief on you
Skin sweet with musky odor
The lady from another grinning soul- 'Lady Grinning Soul', David Bowie

Want to tune in to your divine feminine? Ready to strut your stuff? Burn this handmade gold-dusted ritual candle to channel your inner goddess and bring power, confidence, and abundance into your life.

The Magic Inside

Scent: Ripe Oranges + Cinnamon + Rose

Dressing: Dried Roses, 24k Gold Dust

Crystal: Lapis Lazuli

To Use

Light the candle stating your intentions and luxuriate in the lovely scent. Once the candle burns out you'll have a lapis lazuli, a highly sought after stone that has been associated with royalty, mysticism, and divinity throughout the ages, waiting for you.

The Pentacle Path creates tools to help release your inner magic. Each candle is handmade with a soy blend wax that will burn for approximately 50 hours. I infuse each candle with premium fragrance oils, flower, and herbs informed by aromatherapy and magical traditions. Candles are made in small batches and made by hand, so color and composition may vary slightly.

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