Goddess Ritual Bath // Bath Soak

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Goddess Ritual Bath // Bath Soak


Bath in gold, drip with roses, and indulge yourself in a bathing ritual fit for a Goddess!

Inspired by the ancient bathing rituals of queens, priestesses, and empresses, Goddess brings the old traditions to the modern age. Crafted with a juicy blend of ripe oranges, roses in bloom, and cinnamon spice essential oils, and infused with dried rose petals and 24 karat gold dust, Goddess brings the decadence of old world to you. Use for personal power-up rituals, or as an offering of adoration to yourself or a loved-one

8 oz

To Use

Add desired amount of soak under running water when close to entering the bath. Set your intentions as you breath deep, melting in to the deliciousness of your bathing ritual

The Magic Inside

Epsom Salt: Soothes muscles and eases inflammation

Baking Soda: Moisturizes and calms skin

Rose Essential Oil and Dried Roses: Associated with beauty, romantic love, and self-love. Helps relieve anxiety and known to increase libido

Orange Essential Oil: Mood lifting, improves skin texture and reduces inflammation

Cinnamon Essential Oil: Improves circulation, stimulates the senses

24 karat Gold Dust: Used in beauty rituals across the world since ancient times

Full Ingredient List: Epsom salt, a blend of rose + cinnamon + orange essential oils, fractionated coconut oil, baking soda, dried rose petals, 24k gold dust

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