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My sessions are designed to provide a space for you to see the life you're creating, the choices that lay ahead, and for you to recognize the power you have to build the best life for yourself. I offer in person sessions at 303 East Maple, Birmingham Michigan inside Supernatural Lingerie on Tuesdays and Thursdays and by special appointment. Please email if you would like to schedule a time that appears unavailable or have your session at a separate location

In person tarot sessions are immersive experiences that go deep and give you an opportunity to get in touch with your desires, tackle major issues, identify opportunities for healing, and plan for the future. Each session is customized to your needs. Sessions start with complimentary tea and chocolate matched to your mood, then continue to incorporate tarot, crystals, ritual recommendation, and mystical homework that will leave you feeling in touch with your own inner magic. Each client will go home with a customized 'magic bag' that will include product samples and recommendations based on their reading

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