'All things must pass, All things must pass away'- 'All things must pass,' George Harrison

Feeling anxious, stressed out, or over-burdened? Burn this handmade lavender scented ritual candle to bring peace, relaxation, calm, and serenity to your life. Light the candle stating your intentions and take a moment for you. Once the candle burns out, you'll have an amethyst crystal waiting for you that you can keep as a reminder of the power you have to bring peace to your life.

The Pentacle Path creates tools to help release your inner magic. Each pillar candle is 3x4 inches and handmade with a soy blend wax that will burn for approximately 30 hours. I infuse each candle with premium fragrance oils, flower, and herbs informed by aromatherapy and magical traditions. Candles are made in small batches and made by hand, so color and composition may vary slightly.

Color: White
Scent: Lavender
Dressing: Dried Lavender
Crystal: Amethyst

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