Tarot Card of The Week - Week of December 30th - Page of Swords

Card of the week: Page of Swords

Song of the week: Thunderball - Tom Jones

Happy New Year!!!

This week’s tarot card of the week is the Page of Swords. Now that we’ve gone through a clearing process the last few weeks of the year, the Page of Swords asks us to jump in to the new year with enthusiasm and a plan. The new year brings lots of energy and encouragement to cut through and forge a new path, but make sure your plans are realistic so you aren’t disappointed in the following months. Who can you rely on as an accountability partner? Find someone in your world to communicate your plans and intentions to and will be an ongoing source of encouragement. Break down any plans you have in to incremental steps so you can have small wins over time. Go forth and conquer the new year! Book your reading today