Tarot Card of The Week - Week of January 5th - The High Priestess

Card of the week: The High Priestess

Song of the week: Lady Grinning Soul - David Bowie

This week’s tarot card asks that you enter 2019 full cognizant of your inherent wisdom, beauty, and power. I like to think of The High Priestess as the woman Bowie sings about it Lady Grinning Soul - she’s elegant, graceful, mysterious, rooted in her sense of self, utterly feminine and in possession of her own sensuality. I ask that you meditate on that vision and think of how you can bring those elements to yourself - not only this week, but this year. What does taking on that sort of power look like to you? The New Moon paired with this card brings us a great question - how can you honor your own divinity? Your own beauty? Your own wisdom? See if there are opportunities to cultivate those elements this week and don’t be afraid to take on your role as counselor, confidant, and advisor as well. Want more insight? Book your reading today