Tarot. Ritual. Candle Making

Ever since I was a child, I've had desire to help people work through challenges, cultivate self-love, and realize their dreams.  As I got older, I realized I had a talent for it. I've spent years studying mysticism and ritual traditions and have traveled the world learning about different practices. Over the years, I created my own candles, tools, and rituals t0 aid myself and loved ones in healing, transformation, and manifestation. I created The Pentacle Path so I could share my creations with the public and help people realize the magic within.

At The Pentacle Path, I take a holistic approach to my practice and provide a creative approach to care coupled with practical guidance for reflecting on patterns of behavior, overcoming challenges, achieving goals, and self-development. I offer online and in-person tarot sessions, individual and group ritual work, as well as handmade ritual tools.

I offer my services online and throughout the Metro Detroit area. Book or shop online and contact me at:

(313) 583-9509