Looking to add a unique element to your birthday, bridal shower, holiday gathering, or graduation?  Tarot readings can bring fun, excitement, and inspiration to any party, from small gatherings to large scale corporate events


'I booked Shiva as a tarot reader for my graduation party in July and I can't even begin to express how loved she was by everyone that came. There were so many people wanting a reading from her that we had to start a queue and she even worked overtime to accommodate everyone!'-Zahra

Whatever the occasion, I can bring my special brand of  warmth, whimsy, and magic to entertain and captivate your guests through tarot! My set-up is quick and easy and the memories last a lifetime.  My tarot readings are often the most popular attraction at an event –without detracting from any other activities–which makes them an ideal addition to so many types of gatherings. I offer several options for your party needs:

Party Package I:

This is perfect for corporate events or hosts that wants to cover readings for their guests. $125 per hour for a minimum of 2 hours. Readings are typically 10-20 minutes, but can be longer if requested. 2 hours will typically cover 6-12 guests.

Party Package II:

This package allows attendees to pay for their own readings. Readings can be 15 minutes for $30 per person or 30 minutes for $60 per person. Minimum of 6 guests.

Party Package III: Party Like a Witch

This package is for those who want a witch or tarot themed night. I give a brief talk on tarot and witchcraft, provide tarot readings for guests, and also bring candles, crystals, and other witchy goodies for your guests. The goods and readings can be themed (love, new beginnings, healing, etc) and the goodies can be standard or custom. This package can also be paid for by the host or split amongst the guests. Please email for pricing and details

Additional info: A travel charge of $15 is applied to any location within Southeast Michigan. I can also be booked for parties outside of the region and out of state. Please email for details.

Contact me at thepentaclepath@gmail.com to book