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Summer Solstice Ritual + Celebration

Immerse yourself in nature for a special Summer Solstice celebration with Hedgewitch Holistics and The Pentacle Path!

Shiva and Heather will guide you through a number of rituals to help you bury what is no longer needed, harness the light for the coming season, and celebrate a renewed vitality. You’ll begin the evening by selecting intentionally crafted tools and potions, based on what you want to achieve during the ritual process. We’ll then invite you to look deep within to identify the things which no longer serve you and give you an opportunity to participate in a burial ritual, in which your feet or whole body (your choice) will be immersed in soil as you are led through a process to lay to rest all that you no longer wish to carry. You’ll emerge from the soil to participate in a water ritual to usher in new beginnings. You will then be given the opportunity to adorn yourself with flowers that are linked to the intentions you would like to set. Finally, you’ll complete a ritual to channel the energy and power of the sun into the creation of an amulet to carry with you throughout the season, before ending the evening with a group celebration around the fire.

Tickets are just $40 and include light refreshments, ritual tools + take home items including a candle, amulet, and ritual oil. The location will be a private wilderness space in Detroit. You will be emailed the location upon registering. Space is limited for this, so reserve your spot ASAP!

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