Tarot Card of The Week - Justice

Card of the week: Justice

Song of the week: Sleep to Dream - Fiona Apple

The Justice card is a great follow up to last week’s 7 of Swords: The 7 of Swords asked that you awaken yourself to reality and that you become aware of uncomfortable truths, and Justice asks that you act on that new awareness. It’s important this week that you make decisions that are aligned with your highest good and that you’re able to confront people and situations that don’t have your best interest. Where are you feeling uncomfortable? How can you speak up for yourself and others this week? Where things are wrong, make them right. Be an advocate and don’t be afraid of confrontation. Consider how you can invest this energy in the bigger picture as well this week. Are there community issues or movements around justice you could become involved with? See how you can balance the scales. Want more insight? Book an email or in person reading!