Tarot Card of The Week - Valentines Day - The 7 of Swords

Card of the week: 7 of Swords

Song of the week: Your Dog - Soccer Mommy

OOOOO the 7 of swords can be a daunting card, especially during Valentine week. The 7 of swords is like that girlfriend that sugarcoats nothing and shows her love through always telling you to deal with your bullshit. DUMP that person! Leave that job! Get over that negativity! The 7 of swords asks that you be real - that you see things clearly. In what ways are you deceiving yourself right now? Does everyone surrounding you have good intentions? Trust your intuition this week, and clean house if necessary. To accomplish what you’re meant to this year, you need to surrounding yourself with trustworthy and supportive people. This is a week of healing and cultivating nurturing and loving relationships. Want more insight? Book an email or in person reading!