Tarot Card of The Week - Week of January 13th - The Magician

Card of the week: The Magician

Song of the week: Starman - David Bowie

This week’s tarot card asks that you get to work on your 2019 goals and give yourself over to your manifestation mojo. We started the year setting our goals and have begun to step in to our power - the Magician asks that we shift in to high gear and begin to see our dreams and goals through. This week’s song is ‘Starman’ by Bowie - and I really think Bowie is a great example of the Magician archetype. He’s somebody who has radically transformed himself and the music scene over the decades, was comfortable being unabashedly himself, helped lead others to personal liberation and magical discovery within themselves, and used music and art as his own sort of high magic that will touch and transform lives for generations to come. So this week, channel your Starman power. Are you ready to take responsibility for your dreams? Are you ready to take the first steps? Are you ready to get what you ask for? Are you ready to be seen? It can be really uncomfortable to step in to your power and commit yourself to action. Some of us don’t feel capable or deserving of our dreams. Don’t be afraid of your potential. Start making headway on your goals this week. Want more insight? Book your reading today - 15% off email readings until February 1st!